January 9, 2017

Fall on your butt


You’re going to make mistakes. You’ll back the wrong horse, make a bad hire, stop when you should double-down, double-down when you should bug out. You’ll have good ideas go bad, and bad ideas go way too long.

And when it happens, you’ve got two options. Fall on your face or fall on your butt.

Which way to go? (Hint: your face is more painful)

To fall on your face … bluster, bluff, put your head in the sand and la, la, la. Slide away, find someone to blame, hide it, stop trying. Whatever else you do, fail to learn the lessons, play dumb.

To fall on your butt … take it on the chin, accept it, squeeze if for learning juice, wear it like a badge. Deal with reality, share the story, get on with the next thing.

Skippy strategy: Fall on your butt. Get up smarter.