February 23, 2020

False positive


Most of us push it away. That something, the one we know is not right, that we let slide as we tuck it at the back of our minds and try to ignore. That negative that’s so ignored it’s like a false positive, sucking us in the wrong direction, diverting attention, making us look even as we’re unwilling to do anything about it.

Some of us pull them closer. Those somethings that don’t feel right. We bring them in, give them a proper look and deal with them no matter what we find, good or bad, left or right, up or down.

Reality doesn’t respect what you want to believe. It just is.

You can choose to dodge around it, sneak it into dark corners, and deal with the consequences every day. Or you can actually deal with it, in the light, eyes wide open.

Skippy strategy: Out of the shadows.