January 15, 2016

Filter the silt


It’s a safe bet you know a lot of stuff. If we tried to get it all out of your head we’d be here all day, and tomorrow, and the next day. Easy. And then some.

And that’s a good thing. Wa-ay better to know than not.

Another good thing – your audience doesn’t need to know all of it. They just need bits.

The trick of course if figuring out which ones, and in what order. And then shutting up. And letting the questions lead the way.

Because no one likes a brain dump.

They like to get involved, to figure things out, to be interested in what they’re interested in.

Otherwise: you lose them.

Push for clarity, filter the silt that clouds the issue and slows the flow.

It’s a trick you have to practice every time you speak.

Skippy Strategy: What do they need to know? What will make their life easier?