September 22, 2021

Flag waving


At the beginning, in the middle, towards the end, at some point during the meeting, things drift a little, not so much off track (although maybe), more that they’re directionless, maybe that they never had direction, maybe that everyone is waiting for someone else to take control, to intervene, to instigate.

The upside, everyone stays friends, nobody’s nose is out of joint, we all spend a pleasant enough time chewing the fat, getting from one end of the day to the other. The downside, a royal waste of time. Frustration. The calendar turning but nothing moving.

The alternative, take control. If that means coming to the meeting with a plan, an agenda and a know position of authority, ok. If it means noticing that the flag is drooping an deciding to pick it up and wave it about, this way!, that’s ok too.

Skippy strategy: Get the flag waving.