March 17, 2017

Follow through


Is it a secret?

That there’s one attribute that makes your team stand out, that buys them trust and earns them respect, that builds their reputation as group who do what they say they’re going to do, that ensures they’re the kind of people that everyone wants to work with and that gets invited when things need to be done.

That rare quality?

Follow through.

That ensures no one’s ever left wondering, waiting for the phone call, the email, the confirmation, the next step. That means commitments are honoured. That meets expectations and lets everyone get on with whatever comes after.

Worth doing – because you feel good every time you knock something off your to-do list.

Worth doing – so you’re the person who gets invited next time.

Worth doing – so you release that part of your brain to get on with something else.

Skippy strategy: Follow it through.