December 9, 2015

Follow up on the follow up


Getting things done should be easy.

There’s the understanding-what-needs-to-be-done part, the start part, the actually-doing-it part, and at the end, the party part.

Sadly, casualties are taken at every step.

So, on both sides of the equation … follow up.

Double check the understanding, that the train left the station, that things are on track, that the end is near, that the we arrived where we were supposed to arrive.

It’s not looking over each other’s shoulder, it’s not “I don’t trust you” micro-management, it’s not

It’s fellow travellers checking in. Are you comfortable? Is this what you expected? Are you hungry? Isn’t that beautiful? Be careful of that ledge.

Follow-up isn’t a one time deal. Follow up on the follow up.

Skippy Strategy: H to keep on top of things? Work it out together.