December 8, 2018

For pragmatism


When you come across someone with the right attitude – which probably includes motivated, productive, happy or professional – you strap in and prepare yourself to go the extra mile: we can do this.

Set things up for pragmatism, productive processes progress.

It works the same in the other direction.

When they expose themselves with the wrong attitude – which normally means aggressive or mean or selfish or entitled – you shy away and prepare for the fight: I’ll be damned if I’ll do it their way.

Set things up in trenches, us against them, and tactical manoeuvring ensues.

Choose your partners. What happens next depends on their overarching mindset. 

If their focus is on winning a nil sum game, happiness is battle commencing. 

If their focus is on progress, all that matters is finding the path.

Skippy strategy: Find partners who want progress and to walk the path together.