January 1, 2017

For today or tomorrow?


You can find a way go skim.

Whether it’s saving cost or effort, there’s always a way to deliver nearly-but-not-exactly what you promised without anyone noticing the difference. To squeeze another 1% out of the deal. To take advantage of asymmetrics.

And you can find a way to fatten.

Putting an extra ounce of effort into the game, pushing a little harder, faster, adding resources and joy and surprises. To over-deliver on the deal. To give the advantages of excitement.

One’s a recipe for short term gain that risks resentment and grudging acceptance, and encourages a hunt for new options next time around.

One builds trust – that you’ve got their interests snugged away in you heart – and loyalty. Next time, I’m coming to you.

If you care about today, skim.

If you’re building your tomorrow, plump up the volume.

Skippy strategy: Decide, for today or tomorrow?