February 9, 2017

Free wheelin’?


Water always follows the path of least resistance. So do most projects. And most people. The problem is … that’s not always where you want them to go. Changing the natural order takes water management, project management, people management.

To get things to someplace other than the bottom of the nearest hill means choosing a destination and working out how to overcome gravity – a little bit here, a little bit there – how to overcome obstacles that would otherwise channel things is a different direction – over, under, through?

That’s the planning part. It takes vision, analytics, creativity and decision making. It assumes you have the necessary resources at your disposal and the willingness to see the job through.

The management part is about keeping everything on track whilst dealing with the inevitable variations in every single part of the plan.

It ain’t free wheelin’.

Skippy strategy: Don’t expect gravity to do your job for you.