May 20, 2021

Friendly nudge


When you don’t do something that you’ve promised to do, or those things that you didn’t promise but kinda-sorta did, or even those things that haven’t even been discussed but somebody somewhere is inevitably waiting for your to do your thing. Those times. Is it that you won’t do them, that you don’t want to do them, that you’re actively holding back from doing them, that you are ill disposed to them – and aren’t discussing it with anyone – or is it that you’re a bit tied up on other things and haven’t prioritised them yet.

My guess, at least nineteen times out of twenty, the latter.

So when someone doesn’t do their thing for you … what do you think is happening on the other side of the exchange. Any permutation of the former, or the latter too.

Skippy strategy: Give them a break along with your most friendly nudge.