May 13, 2016

Full and final


At the end of things, there’s often a settling up.

In a restaurant, you pay the bill.

After the lawyering, there’s their fee.

Terminating contracts, it’s the new agreement that ends the old agreement.

When bringing things to a close involves money – in full and final settlement – well, let’s say few of us enjoy this part. And if you’re in any way aggrieved, it can be tempting to get in the last word – the food was dry, the fees are high, you didn’t perform the way we thought.

The thing is … the time to raise issues is when a remedy is possible. Not now. Not at the end. Not after the fact. All it does now is give a bitter taste, that lingers, to everyone.

Write the cheque, shake hands, and move on to the next thing.

Skippy strategy: Don’t lob stones over your shoulder.