December 21, 2016

Full disclosure

Fault line

There are times when operating on a need to know basis makes sense. Plenty of corporate and commercial detail is necessarily and properly protected by an opaque veil. The people that need to know, know, and all of them sleep a little bit easier knowing that no one else knows the specifics.

It’s the way the world goes around.

And then there’s the rest of the time. When there’s no harm in knowing everything and probably an absolute benefit. Like what the customer thinks, like the possibility of the time line, like the excellence of the coffee in This place or That.

And then there’s when lawyers get involved. Due diligence, indemnities, warranties. Time for full disclosure. No bluff, no bluster. The sooner everyone knows the whole picture, the sooner they can deal with what they see.

Saves time, saves money, saves regrets.

Skippy strategy: Know when they need to know.