August 12, 2016

Genuinely useless


Customers and partners have a genuine need to know what’s happening inside your organisation.

Not the how-to of competitive positions or the ins-and-outs of commercial secrets.

Just, you know … what’s going on, where is the order, when’s the delivery, who can I talk to, are you on schedule, when are we meeting? Stuff that helps them know where they stand and plan their next steps.

One way … fake it. Build tools that promise a window but are genuinely useless. A website that thanks you for your order (no, thank you) but no status. Lifeless phones or leafless telephone trees. No-response email.

In other words, frustrate.

The easy, cheap, effective way … open out the corporation. Be honest, build tools, provide access. Actively put useful information into their domain in ways they understand.

In other words, help.

Skippy strategy: More information, better service, less irritation.