January 26, 2019

Get comfortable


It’s reasonable to expect people – customers, colleagues, partners, investors – to behave in their own self interest. To look at a situation and make an A/B decision that leaves them better than they started. Of course, better than they started is a subjective term – so let’s allow, in our standard model, that they’ll sometimes make choices that leave them better than they started using metrics that aren’t so obvious. Like when they’re making decisions in favour of their conscience, or their fellow man, or the greater good, or anything that makes them feel better about themselves (including in their wallet or ego).

Except, more often that the standard model predicts, people don’t do things that leave them better than they started. The prevaricate, they dodge, the hedge, they hesitate. They do everything they can do not do anything. Until, until, until …

Skippy strategy: Get comfortable. Things take longer than you’d like.