January 15, 2020

Get out


In general, the place where you have the hardest time is inside the building. That’s where you fight the day to day dragons, suffer the serpents in your email, take on the dreaded and difficult of getting things done. All day, every day.

In general, the place to get revived, the people who’ll give most energy, the thing to do … go talk to customers. Actual, real life, money changing hands customers.

They have an outsiders opinion of your organisation. They see the results of all those internal battles. They see the good and bad. They have an understanding built on actions and reality – not based on how things are explained between the meeting room and the water cooler.

It may not be the entire reality … but it is real … and it’s worth hearing every now and again.

Skippy strategy: Get out of the building, go talk to customers.