December 9, 2016

Getting it done


There aren’t too many secrets to being the kind of manager, customer, supplier, anything else that people want to work with.

Assuming you create a specific value – everything else is the soft stuff. Like returning your phone calls and emails, like listening when someone’s talking, being properly present in the moment rather than anticipating something else or queuing up for your turn to talk. Like having the willingness (and using it) to walk around in another person’s shoes. Like finding joy where there’s little, and not finding slight when there’s none. Like supporting and cheerleading because it’s the right thing, not because of reflected glory. Like refusing anyone who sucks energy from the room.

One of the biggest … getting it done. Doing what you say you’re going to do, even if it’s hard, even when it hurts. Taking commitments seriously.

Skippy strategy: When you say you will, get it done.