October 10, 2018

Getting sharked


One of the difficulties of starting new commercial relationships, especially when entering a new world, is fear of getting sharked. We worry about being naive, we double check and try to corroborate everything, we look for signs that warn of danger, we tread carefully, move slowly and always leave ourselves the option of falling back to a position we know. 

In other words, we’re risk averse. We know we want to get on with it, but we’re afraid of moving too quickly or committing too early. 

Smart and frustrating at the same time. 

But at least we’re here. Exploring possibilities. Seeking out new life. Boldly going.

The alternative? Stuck to what we’ve always known, where we’ve always been, doing things we’ve always done.

New customers are the same. 

Afraid of being sharked but boldly/timidly going. At least they’re here.

Skippy strategy: Seeking out new life, and gaining perspective, takes time.