December 4, 2018

Good housekeeping


There’s nothing like good housekeeping for keeping the house good:

– Asking “how long we’ve got” at the beginning of the meeting.

– Introducing the subject of the meeting, and asking if anyone has anything else they need to cover.

– A short thank you whenever someone sends you something that needs reading and reaction but you can’t do the whole job immediately.

– Another thank you after someone has spent their time with you.

– Returning phone calls. Actually, returning any kind of contact and not leaving them dangling.

– Tidying up the cables, the coffee cups, the whiteboard … the loose ends, the follow ups, the documents you said you’d send.

– Giving feedback and allowing enough time to hear the other side.

– Completing the report, the work, the project, the everything in the time you said, and giving a heads up as soon as you know you can’t.

Skippy strategy: Keep the house in order.