March 28, 2016

Goodwill quotient


In the classic theory, when there’s money involved – when good A or service B is exchanged for cash C – there’s a broad assumption that it’s a decent deal for both sides of the bargain. If it wasn’t, the deal wouldn’t happen. For some, that’s all that matters.

Thing is … there’s more on the table than money.

There’s goodwill – and that’s the stuff reputations are made of.

When the person handing over the cash hates the deal but has no choice (and it feels like a fine) – goodwill evaporates and reputations suffer. When things go wrong but you take it on the chin and sort things out, goodwill bubbles and reputations glisten – grow.

In every trans-action, there’s the actions and emotions that lead to and follow the deal. Every choice shifts the balance. Keep the upside ahead of the down.

Skippy strategy: If in doubt, make the choice that prioritises goodwill.