February 9, 2021

Grand reveal


It’s someone else’s responsibility, maybe you delegated it, they tell you it’s on track but you don’t get comfort about how it’s going. Now what? Do you leave them to it whilst crossing your fingers and waiting for the grand reveal, do you stick your nose in, or do you peck away for details when the opportunity arrises?

This isn’t about comfort, yours or theirs. It’s about getting the best outcome for the team.

There’s plenty of formal ways around it, intermediate reports, board updates, reviews and presentations, but the quickest and probably most effective is just to ask. Ask, how’s it going really, maybe over coffee, ask if you can give feedback, ask to help.

The kind of people you want on your team are the ones who like to share, who like to team up, and who like to make progress. Work with them.

Skippy strategy: Just ask.