September 9, 2020

Guess wrong


In your head, the way you work makes sense. You have a pretty good grasp of what has to be done and when. You might forget the details but when you do, it’s in your notes, somewhere. For entirely personal work, the system works perfectly.

Then, when someone else is involved, you crack the dial a notch or two. Most of the work is still in your head but you share deadlines and deliverables often enough to keep things straight.

The more people, the more sharing. The more organisations, the more you all turn to process and governance.

But the way you work – your behaviours, how you get things done – are probably a mystery to the people you rely on and who rely on you. So they guess. And they probably guess wrong. 

Skippy strategy: Stop them guessing how you work by sharing this stuff too. Share both ways.