September 13, 2020

Hard conversation


The questions sometimes is whether to have the hard conversation at the beginning, the middle or at the end. Each has its merits.

The beginning means we get it over with and if we’re going to fall out over it, better before we’ve wasted our time.

The middle means we’ve had some time to learn enough to identify the critical levers, so we can focus there and not on the tactical minutia.

The end means we’ll have made huge amounts of progress and will be fully invested, emotionally, financially and temporally so will be motivated to find an accommodation no matter what.

Of course, there’s no single answer. Each on its merits.

There is however and definite wrong answer … to kick the can down the road indefinitely. Because there is always and end of the road, and that’s no place for a hard conversation.

Skippy strategy: Have the conversation.