March 17, 2023

Hardest leap


The hardest leap of all is to deal with reality.

Tucked away in that obvious sentence are two ideas with the power to make or break any plan, any team, any project, any business, hell, even entire economies.

Reality, and dealing with it.

Most teams don’t. They succumb to wishful thinking, they filter critical information, they ignore uncomfortable voices, they close down debate and get blindsided by enthusiasm or unfounded and outdated beliefs. And they do it as much with the person in the mirror as the person they meet in the street.

The reality we need is the every-day kind, where we notice a spade and call it a spade and work out whether it’s fit for purpose and use it if it is and discard it if it isn’t.

The dealing with it we need is the do something about it kind.

Skippy strategy: Deal with reality.