August 20, 2020

Have capacity?


The question that should be front and centre in your mind: do they have capacity? If you’re the one being asked: do I have capacity?

Sure, there’s all the things you need to know about capability and willingness, about experience and skill sets, about work ethic and attitude, important things, but immaterial if they or you are unable to do the work anyway. Not the first question, not the last, and certainly not a long one, but in there … that’s the game.

To have it answered, we’ve already talked about availability, about schedules, about deliverables and outcomes, we’ve discussed timelines and teams, we’ve got a clear picture of the what and the how of the thing – and we’ve got our first significant pass on when this thing will get done.

Without it, all we have are nice intentions.

Skippy strategy: Be explicit, ask the question, Do you have capacity?