February 8, 2017



When people rely on you, when they’re waiting for you so they can do something for someone who’s waiting for them, when commitments are involved, it tempting to save face, to let them think everything’s fine even when it’s not. That they should see the graceful swan.

If it was you, wouldn’t you like to know? So you could plan, run contingencies, coordinate dependencies.

Everyone appreciates a heads-up. An early notice about something that’s in the works. Status and action. What’s good, what’s bad, what it means.

We’re struggling with this … so we’re doing this other thing to sort it out.

Our supplier is delayed … so we’re using this alternate.

We’ve had a breakthrough … which means this.

Everything’s on schedule … see you Tuesday.

We can’t do it … here’s three things we can do.

Just as you like to know, so do they.

Skippy strategy: Give them the heads-up.