April 20, 2019

Hence the shimmy


So there’s a prescription: in this situation, follow this path and do these things. It’s a recipe for success in circumstances like this, a short cut, answers when you need them most.

Except when it isn’t.

When the received way of doing things doesn’t work, ok, we can sort that out. A tap dance here, a shimmy there, and we’re good.

Sometimes though, things or people or skills have changed too much and the old way no longer works. Problem is, we don’t know that until it’s too late. Hence the shimmy.

But when the prescription fails again, notice the pattern. At least, notice the beginnings of a pattern. Shimmy again if you have to, but put it on the list of things that need a longer term solution. Examine, diagnose, and create a new prescription.

Skippy strategy: When the prescription stops working, write a new one.