March 27, 2016

Hidden talents


Everyone is hiding something.

Not because they want to, it just never came up. Or maybe they told you but you forgot. Not interesting at the time, very useful now.

It could be their semi-pro Photoshop skills, their hobbyist 3D printer, their three years working in the market you’re thinking about entering, or their friendly relationship with a guy who knows a guy who may be the guy you need to hire.

And that means your very next step might be simply to ask around.

Do you know anything about …? Do you know anyone who …? Any chance you know someone with …?

Or you could work it out yourself. Learn the hard way. Polish up your self sufficiency. Put in the time without a guiding hand.

The next thing you need might just be hiding in plain sight.

Skippy strategy: Before the treasure hunt, ask around to see if it’s already found.