January 31, 2020

High high?


The clock turns. Without any effort, with much appreciation of its inevitable shift, what was one minute becomes the next, what was one year becomes another. And the question, what did you achieve in that time?

Sure, there’s the actions driven in their own inevitability by outside forces. The email you had to respond to, the meetings you had to attend, the products that eventually got launched, the projects you had to manage. The clocked turned and everything rolled along.

What about the self-directed, non-inevitable, entirely your choice projects that no one asked for and no external deadline was given? Like the book or the software or the engine or the language or the any-other-choice you made? What happened there? What did you do? What actions did you take? What progress did you make? What did you do with your own time?

Skippy strategy: In another year, how high will you build?