January 30, 2021

Hold on to the boat


Doesn’t it feel like a Channel swim sometimes. Not the cold so much as the endless slog, washed around by the tide and no clear idea of progress except in the moment, one long swing after another.

Bringing new things to the world, bringing insiders and outsiders along for the ride, pushing water and projects and teams up hill – it’s relentless and largely thankless. It’s ok to hold on to the boat every now and again. To take a break, to rest up, to stock up on provisions and take on energy supplies that will see you through the next phase, the next tide, the next swell and the one after that.

Nothing about this says you have to do it on your own – you shouldn’t try. Take a moment, replenish your supplies, thank your team, and gussy up for the next push.

Skippy strategy: Take a break. It helps.