June 14, 2020

How did this happen?


The question at the heart of accountability is, How did this happen? And it’s useful whether things went well or not. Most times though, it comes out of the bag when things go bad. That’s why is has such negative connotations. Being held accountable. Holding someone accountable. Making someone account for their actions. So negative, so aggressive, so uncomfortable.

A culture of accountability tends to build high performing teams. Teams who know what they’re trying to achieve, have agreed plans on how they’re going to do it, and the discipline to follow the plan or vary it for well thought through reasons.

Accountability gets a bad name when it’s used as a coal-hauling weapon when things have gone south. That’s not its purpose. It’s about learning, experience, and ensuring decision makers know why they’re doing what they do. 

Skippy strategy: With the expectation of accountability, everybody takes responsibility.