How do we avoid the hard yards?

Where’s the short cut? The way to have it all without any of the effort.

We’re special, surely? Maybe there’s a way to get where we want without putting in work and building a team and dealing with issues and working things out and taking missteps and making bad choices and finding our way and pushing on though.

A lucky break that falls in our lap and we land on the podium.

Like the movies.

But trusting to short cuts and lucky breaks doesn’t sound like a reliable strategy. Let’s try spitting, turning around three times and chanting something delusional about Tim Ferriss to the all powerful Oz.

Assuming some smarts and a decent idea to start with, the yellow brick road is walked one step at a time and with daily practice.

On the way, we’ll learn how to make things happen, become good at finding answers, and get better at what we do.

Skippy strategy: These are the yards and we choose to walk.