June 13, 2019

How easy


Isn’t it frustrating when you’re dealing with a supplier that’s fractured into departments that don’t work as a cohesive whole? When their production department is on a different timeline and agenda to the promises made by sales, when they seem to be suffering the vagaries of their own supply chain, when components are missing or packaging is inadequate or no one communicates with you (and you suspect it’s because they don’t communicate internally either).

Frustrating, annoying, and maybe makes you look elsewhere next time around.

Same with customers. When the commercial buyer is out of step with procurement is out of whack with legal is a seeming annoyance to IT and none of them can make a decision that works for themselves, let alone their colleagues or the bigger picture.

Don’t be that company.

Skippy strategy: Ask, how easy are we to do business with? Then act on the answers.