October 31, 2015

How many moves ahead?


It can be a bit like a conveyor belt. Start here and it’s inevitable you’ll end up there. On the journey, planning next steps keeps you at least one move ahead of the game. What happens next is in your control. In fact, most journeys are like that – the odd speed bump, less flat-belt more roller-coaster – but we usually get pretty much where we’re headed.

Sometimes – with smart or aggressive or feisty opponents – it’s more like chess. Even in the opening there are eighteen possible moves. Every move your opponent makes means review, reconsider, recalculate. The permutations multiply and there’s never enough what-ifs to go around.

When there’s no way to out-think the problem, when planning three steps ahead is two steps too many, focus only on the goal. Keep eyes front and take whatever steps move things forward.

No matter what happens … what takes us nearer the end game?

Skippy Strategy: Put your energy where it counts, on what you can control.