May 6, 2024

How they knew


When a potential customer contacts us out of the blue there’s the obvious thrill of learning about and dealing with someone new. Then there’s the benefit of doing the work; the uptick in our skill set, adding another war story, gaining a new reference, the opportunity of extra referrals, the value added to our bottom line.

All that from a single inbound enquiry. Be nice to have some more.

What you can to cultivate more inbound work?

It starts with doing great work – we hope the work will speak for itself and be spoken about by others – and the word of mouth snowball will roll. Then there’s asking for referrals, advertising, marketing, we might get out there, we may even polish our SEO.

What works?

No guessing needed. When you get that inbound enquiry, ask them how they knew to call.

Skippy strategy: Ask … How did you hear about us?