June 6, 2019

However you behave


Before you send that email, before you make that call, before you answer the door, the phone, the text, before you write the packaging, before you interview the candidate for the internship or the chief executive’s office, before you open the meeting, before you do anything … know that it’s marketing. Know that everything you say and everything you do contributes to how you, your team and your organisation is perceived in the world.

It’s an opportunity to build on or undermine the position you, your team and your organisation has created for itself as a result of every previous action and interaction its taken in the world.

It’s a choice. Either you add value or you diminish it.

You can act in a way that’s apologetic, or arrogant, or joyful, or neutral, or up beat, or confident, or dynamic, or proactive, or anything.

Skippy strategy: However you behave, you are.