November 8, 2019

Hum and hah


When things are going smoothly we don’t hesitate to tell our clients. Updates meetings are a breeze, stage gates swing open, and projects reviews are a celebration.

And then there’s real life. Things don’t go smoothly and we hum and hah about what to tell whom and when. Are they the kind of person to throw up their hands and stand on their side of the line or to knuckle down and find ways they can help (rather than “help”)?

Bad news has to travel, and if it’s yours, you have to help it along the way.

Not every little thing – but every thing that will impact somebody else on the critical path.

Not every day – but at formal review meetings and formal appraisals. And certainly as soon as you know it’s definitive.

Skippy strategy: If you can’t do what you’ve promised to do … critical news on the critical path.