December 14, 2019

Hung up


We can get hung up on spin. Always wanting to put some positive English on every situation to bend the bounce in just the right direction.

We can get hung up on politicking. Running scared of what he or she might think, to the point we’re we can’t even relay the most innocuous facts incase they cause offence.

Why not just rely on the facts, good or bad, for better or worse. When someone asks a question, give them the answer straight. When someone needs the feedback, give it to them straight – no words designed to offend, but no words designed to hide or soften what they need to hear.

Because the thing about facts … they’re true. If you use them, no matter the consequences, they get gravity. And next time you use them, for richer or poorer, people are drawn towards them and you.

Skippy strategy: Stick with the facts.