March 31, 2016

In a holding pattern


There are times when you just don’t know what’s happening.

Actually that happens quite a lot.

You’ve done everything you can for now, and you’re sat in a holding pattern whilst other people – you can neither see nor control – get on with their bit. Well, you hope they’re getting on with it. They’ve gone quiet … let’s hope it’s productivity not Candycrush-tivity. It’s frustrating and worrying and starts to get irritating then downright annoying.

If only there was a way of finding out how they’re doing, whether they’re making progress, are stuck or just need a nudge.

Oh yeah. You could ask.

And whilst you’re at it, send a status report to anyone who’s waiting on you.

Sometimes, the easiest answer is to ask the simplest question, how’s it going?

Skippy strategy: When you want to know, ask. When someone else is waiting you, tell.