September 28, 2019

In first


Nobody likes to hang around. Whether that’s for a response to an email, a drink in a bar, a component delivery or a game changing decision. Whatever. We sit, and we wait, and we sit, and we wonder, and we sit, and we seethe. When? When will it happen?

There are two things going on. The lack of the thing means we can’t get on with the next step. Stuck in first. We’ve done our bit, and we want to do our next bit, but we can’t. So we’re stuck. And that means we can’t scratch our completion-itch.

Second, even more irritating, because we don’t know what’s happening, we can’t get on with something else. We kinda-sorta can. But a piece of our brain is distracted, on high alert, and won’t let the rest of it focus.

Skippy strategy: When it happens to you, you hate it. Don’t be the cause.