July 10, 2019

In reality


First there was nothing. Then the spark of a flash of a hint of an idea. Maybe in the shower, maybe in the meeting.

Then what?

A period of planning and strategising and white boarding and modelling and investigating and interviewing and strategising some more? Or a rush to make a working prototype to test and see what happens?

At every level, at any scale, making it real and getting in running is the fastest way of testing the two issues at the heart of anything new: will it work (even if it’s at the kinda sorta end of things in iteration one) and does anyone care (whoever anyone is … the user, the customer, the team member, the guy in production).

Without reality, it’s easy to push words around and find both empty agreements and meaningless disputes. With realty, now we’re talking.

Skippy strategy: In reality, is where the talking matters.