June 6, 2020

In the air


When there’s good news in the offing, indications maybe, positives in the air … you want to know. You want to know because it means you can prepare for when the good news lands, so you can line up some ducks, work out the impacts and think about increasing capacity. You want to know and you’re senses are tuned to this stuff.

Same when it’s bad. You want to know, you want to prepare, you can look at contingencies and better, alternative, other ways of using resources. You want to know because it’s important, because the earlier you find out, the earlier you can do something about it.

And it’s the same for everyone else.

You might think they’re better staying in the dark, whether it’s looking good or bad, just in case. But if you’d like to know … show them the respect you’d ask for.

Skippy strategy: Let them know.