September 5, 2016

In the dark


It’s got to be the most frustrating thing. When big decisions are being made, about you, that you know are going on, but that you have no ability to influence. Not the nature of the discussion, not the timetable, not the decision itself.




And if that’s what it’s like for you … what about for your team?

When they’re waiting on the influence-wafting pen-strokes of someone they rely on. When they sit … and … wonder … what’s going on? When they feel like they’re being kept in the dark.

If it’s a customer doing it, “Ok, they can do whatever they want.”

But when it’s you, “Gee willikers, that isn’t right.” (Something like that.)

When you’re the one they’re waiting on – tell them what’s going on, when they’ll know, and if you can … why the delay.

Skippy strategy: Treat them, how you want to be treated.