May 12, 2016

In the eyes


Yes you can do a lot with email, and sms and social tools that keep everything connected in real time. Yes a quick call here and touch base there keeps everyone in the loop. Yes modern comms give you new ways of doing the old things and let you do new things that weren’t possible yesterday.

Yes, yes, yes.

And yet.

There’s no substitute for the whites of their eyes.

Whether you’re building trust, dealing with issues, mending bridges, bending possibilities or trying to truly understand, both sides benefit when they look each other in the eye, see the nuances and reactions, and absorb the micro-tells of body language.

The other way, the digital way, might work too – it’s just no where near as effective.

Walk up, shake hands, look them in the eye … communicate.

Skippy strategy: At the beginning, and as often as possible, get in the same room.