November 19, 2017

In the way


Whatever you want to do, there are always things in the way.

Externally, it’s nobody’s job to make your life easy, and there’s plenty of reasons why some of them make it hard. Them’s the breaks. Just stuff you have to deal with every day.

Internally should be a different story.

Internally, everyone should be on the same page. The processes should be designed to make you and your team and your wider organisation successful, to make it easy-peasy to get stuff done. All the kinks in the system should have been worked out long ago and those that weren’t, well, there should be someone around here actively working to sort it out now.

That’s not a familiar story. Inside looks and feels a lot like the outside.

There’s always obstructions in the way.

But there shouldn’t be.

So remove them.

Skippy strategy: A primary aim … remove obstructions.