October 8, 2020

Include or not?


There’s a presumption that everyone involved should be in the loop, that you should eliminate circles within circles and that as far as possible, information and logic should be shared.

There’s also a presumption that not everyone needs to be involved, that meeting invitation lists and email cc’s should be about effective communications, that politics and ego massaging shouldn’t be part of the calculus.

Include or not, share or not, invite or not?

The answer is in your gut and in your hesitation. For starters, your gut knows. For seconds, whenever you hesitate you know there’s more going on than the simple and obvious answer.

Don’t fight it. If you’re humming over whether to include someone, you probably should. If you’re ha-ing over whether to exclude someone, you probably shouldn’t.

In other words, the loop should trump everything except politicking.

Skippy strategy: Keep the loop as wide and well fed as possible.