July 5, 2021

Inside, inside


Everyone’s heard what you’ve been up to. Well, kinda. They know that you’re up to something, and they may know the subject or the context of the customers you’re aiming at. They know there’s a new process, a new product, a new team being built and that attention aplenty has the whole thing caught in the high beams.

What they don’t necessarily know, is what it means to them. They don’t know how it will affect their role, where will be the touchpoints, how and when things might change.

So, in those moments when you’re not thinking about the roll-out, think about the roll-in. Put as much attention to telling everyone inside the organisation as you’re putting on everyone outside the organisation. More even. These are the ones who’ll make or break the make or break change you’re hoping to break.

Skippy strategy: Bring everyone inside, inside the circle.