October 15, 2021

Inside their heads


So often, so very often, we’re left wondering what’s going on.

Will they, won’t they, have they, haven’t they, when, how, where, what’s the next step, is there a next step?

So we wait, and we wonder, and we plan, and run contingencies, and try to get inside their heads, and role play to work out what happens if.

In the end, we wait.

The real choice is about what to do whilst we wait. The bad bet is to rant and shout in the wind. The smart money is on getting on with getting on. If that means getting ready for clarity, good for us. If it means getting on with something else, something we can control, something that isn’t dependent on the weather, even better.

Skippy strategy: Do the best you can, then turn the page and get on with doing the best you can somewhere else. No stress.