May 15, 2019

Into the world


Bringing new things to the world, it’s easy to imagine the game is about the bringing, and the new things. After all, the work is about how to make the thing happen, whether that’s a new product or service or process or department or anything. The project plan is full of people, tangibles, actions, outcomes. Stack the components here, build the new process there, put Tab A into Slot B just so.

They’re definitely a big part, and they’re probably a hard part.

But don’t forget you’re bringing the new thing to the world … and the world may not care, or may not care enough, or may put vested interests or politics or underwhelming but tangential competition in your path.

The point: Commercial and political are as hard or harder than the technical.

Skippy strategy: Put as much effort into the world and you put into the new thing.