April 10, 2016

Invite critics

Nose cone

There’s critiquing, and there’s criticising.

Critiquing involves the detailed analysis and assessment of something. It’s looking for holes to be filled in and hard edges to be built on. It can be a cold hard light but it’s purpose is to get to a better solution. Afterwards, the path is forwards to more brave choices and better solutions.

Criticising also looks at faults, but there’s a disapproval that underlines the downsides and undermines confidence. Afterwards, it’s natural to retreat to safer ground with dull, don’t-look-at-me choices.

Thing is … it’s as much about the hearer as the speaker.

If you want, you can take every input as criticism, every “yes and” as a “no but”, every thoughtful comment as a thoughtless barb. And, you can take every “doh!” as an invitation to look anew and find a better angle.

Everyone has opinions – treat them as input, and work out your own.

Skippy strategy: Invite critics, either way.