April 28, 2021

It didn’t work


Hopefully you come to the end of a thing and it’s a celebration. All that work, all that effort, all those hours, all those teams. Everyone pulled together, we did what we set out to do, and – don’t we deserve it? – it’s time to parrrrrrrtyyyyy!

Sometimes though, the end of a thing is not what you worked for. You tried, the same amount of work, the same number of hours, the same effort in the same meetings with everyone heaving on the same on tug-line – and it didn’t come off. It’s over. You still have to do the washing up, the plates need putting away, and everyone has to move on to the next thing. Hey ho.

No need to whimper. We tried. It didn’t work. OK.

We leaned a lot, we grew a lot, and we’ll do things different next time. Good for us.

Skippy strategy: Keep on fishing.